Services and activities

Rastila Camping is a pleasant camping site with great services. You can also easily reach the city centre from the camping site.

A dozen people exercising on the grass in a park, a villa in the background.
Photo Henrik Edlund

The Rastila camping site has great camping services and a pleasant environment. There is a cosy restaurant and a public beach in the area, and in the summer, the City organises park exercise sessions once a week. Next to Rastila there are outdoor trails offering a refreshing tour in local nature.

The camping site is located next to a metro station, and the journey by the direct metro line to the centre of Helsinki takes only 20 minutes. The area has excellent connections to the Linnanmäki amusement park, Helsinki Zoo, Suomenlinna, ports and shopping areas, for example.

Camping site map (pdf)

Camping site services and activities for customers

Photos in the photo gallery: Henrik Edlund, Maarit Hohteri, Jonna Pennanen and Lauri Rotko .