Rastila has four types of cottages and cabins, with a total of 21 cottages available for rent. The cottages can accommodate four to eight persons.

A woman holding a bunch of sunflowers standing in front of a holiday cottage, wild flowers in the foreground, forest in the background.
Photo Henrik Edlund


Rastila has 21 cottages and cabins available for rent, which can accommodate 4–8 persons depending on the type of the cottage. During the summer season (1 May–30 September), cottages can be reserved for a maximum of two weeks at a time.

The cottages are intended only for the accommodation of travellers, and the person making the reservation must be at least 18 years old.

Pets are allowed at the cottage. An additional cleaning fee is charged for pets.

For booking and accommodation terms and further instructions on how to rent a cottage, please visit our Reservations and Terms page.  

Cottage prices

See the prices of the cottages in the price list.

Checking in and out

The accommodation day for cottages starts at 4 p.m. and ends at 12 noon. Pre-booked cottages are kept booked until 6 p.m., unless a later arrival has been agreed upon.  

Information about cottages

Leaving the area – return keys, access cards and placemarks   

When you leave the camping site, please inform the reception. Please also return the keys, access cards and placemarks you have received.